Peata Daizy Pula: The talent behind Samoa’s hair trends.

“I believe in doing your best all the time, no matter what. Be respectful and also treat everyone like you want to be treated, especially the clients.”

By Jun Ho Kim & Enid Westerlund

If you’ve stepped foot inside Peata’s salon, you will know this hair dresser does not do anything half-heartedly.  Well known for her work and influence in Samoa as a professional hair stylist, Peata Daizy Pula is enjoying the best side of life.  A proficient individual that finds joy in the satisfaction of making someone else happy, she is someone who takes good care of her clients by making sure everyone is treated equally. She is one of the most sought after hair stylists and comes highly recommended by overseas clients. Whether it’s  a simple wash, cut, colour or the most important day in your life as a bride, Peata makes sure her clients feel special.

Born in New Zealand and raised in the US, Peata Daizy Pula is the proud owner of Peata’s Salon located at Matautu. This didn’t come easy as she had to work hard to establish her own brand and salon, after a decade of experience in the industry.

Peata Daizy Pula

Peata Daizy Pula Photographer: Le Moana Studio

Diagnosed with lupus at age 13, a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs.  Lupus can be difficult to diagnose because its signs and systems often mimic those of other ailments.

Peata explains that Lupus is a complex and often a poorly understood condition that affects many parts of the body.  The symptoms can range from mild to life threatening.  For her, it mainly affected her appearance but it did not hold her back or slow her down.

“Don’t get me wrong, I have my insecurities but lupus will not let me stay indoors or hold me back. One day I would love to set up a lupus organisation for awareness as there are so many Samoan women who have not been diagnosed. Yet lupus is more common than cancer but not as publicised”

Armed with a heart of gold and the drive to help others, one only needs to visit her Facebook page to read the positive reviews about her work.  It is these reviews on social media and word of mouth that gets her more work, continuously adding to her long list of regular clients.

Her story as a hair stylist started when she was studying in New Zealand, Auckland University towards a degree in Computer Programming. Hairdressing wasn’t a career choice in mind and  according to her, it was an actual accident!

“Most of my friends are multi-cultural, and I learnt how to braid hair from them”. After completing her Diploma in Hair Dressing, she moved back to Samoa, to be with her family where she ended up working for a local hair dresser for more than ten years.

Her inspiration comes from a strong place as being independent, being able to do things for herself, to love, support her family have always been it for her.  She loves working with likeminded artists such as good friend and makeup artist Jacqui Poulos, Shalom and her beautiful daughter A’aone.

Peata 1

A’aone Pula Keil and Peata Daizy Pula         (Photographer: Jordan Kwan)

Truly someone who is proud of her work and enjoys being part of a team, Peata was the first to volunteer her services for the first Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show in 2016. “It’s something I wanted to be a part of and it was something new.  For me it was about the networking and the chance to really work with other hairdressers as we don’t do that often in Samoa”.


A’aone Pula Keil, Peata Pula, Shalom Ieremia(Peata’s Salon team)                Photographer: Le Moana Studio









Peata's Salon - LOGO

We caught up with Peata at her beautiful salon one very rainy afternoon.

Here’s more from the beautiful person we’ve come to know as P:

What makes you different from other hair-stylists in Samoa? 

I see the collective good in voluntary work (voluntary fashion shows), a professional puts in the (time, good work and good mannerism) in carrying out responsibilities and treating clients well.  

The special part about Peata’s salon:

We are the only salon owner in Samoa that is very child friendly takes everyone in, and we have a bar for the purpose of serving complimentary drinks with every service provided; aiming at making sure that one spare hour of clients is worthwhile and enjoyable.

How did you get into the Hair Dressing?

It was actually by accident really, after my first year in university. I took a break to work in the trade. Most of my friends were multi-cultural and I learnt from them how to do braids. 

When I moved to Auckland, it seemed like the thing that made some money on the side … so I used to do a lot of braiding and figured that I should probably work on trade … to make some money so that I can go back and complete my degree. After my hair dressing diploma, I moved back home to visit my family because my parents were here in Samoa. 

Best part about being a hair dresser

It is the satisfaction by making someone happy, and of course earning money.  Hahaha. It is something that I love. I love talking to people, so yes I love interacting and the part of listening and getting personal with your client on their terms.  This is why I never finished my degree because my degree would make me stuck in the lab behind a computer screen.

What you wish you knew before you first started out?

I just wish that I had gone out on my own a lot sooner than I did. But timing is everything, I don’t regret anything. Maybe I would have done it in a lot shorter time span. However, like I said it’s supposed to happen when it’s supposed to happen.


My inspiration is pretty much nothing to do with hair dressing. It’s being independent, it’s being able to do things for yourself, supporting your family, and raising your child. It’s the whole girl-get mentality that I loved.  It’s just nice that I actually like what I do. I am very grateful for my talent, the support of my family, the good circle of friends, my usual clients and the good work.

Peata 2

Peata and sisters (Photographer: Jordan Kwan)

Colour that represents you? 


Products you can’t go without: 

Hair spray and blow drier haha.

Fashion shows you’ve been a part of, 

When I first started training, my first fashion week was New Zealand Fashion week in 2002. One of my cousins was a designer I actually worked under another hair dresser at that time, but I loved it (I think back then I instantly knew that is what I wanted to do. The whole chaos, the craziness I loved it. I’ve been part of Sinnet Fashion Show since 2016, I also took part in the Samoa Fashion Week, and I took part in the Life Con explosion that was done this year. I’ve also done MENA fashion show and mainly wedding shows. A lot of the shows that we do are voluntary work which is good; it allows you to network with other stylists. You can get to be creative and also leaned at the same time.

Would you recommend SSFS to other aspiring hair stylist? 

Oh yes definitely! This is what all is about, getting other hair dressers to come in and also show their creative talents. That’s what is great about these fashions shows like Sinnet. You could meet other hair dressers instead of staying in our own little box. Being able to help others and networking is what it’s all about. It all comes from passion for your craft.  I know others don’t share my perspective and that’s ok.  At the end of the day your craft is what you make of it. No one person can do all the work in Samoa. Besides we want to keep the styles evolving. Think of something better and refreshing, keeping customers interested.

Advice to aspiring hair dressers:

Put in the time (putting in the hour – reliability actually from a business perspective), and do good work and treat every client well.

Biggest challenge as a Hair Dresser Professional

Keeping up with trends, we are a small country and we don’t have so much of over the top hair styles. 

Other shows you’ve been a part of,

I have been a part of Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show 2016 also took part in the Samoa Fashion Week. Recently, was a hair stylist for the LifeCon Explosion Expo this year. I’ve  also done MENA shows. 

Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show 2017, Photographer: Laumei Photography (Caroline Falemaka Bell)

3 things in your bag right now

Lipstick, eyeliner and phone… pretty much everything.

3 top hair dressing tips 

First is to get regular hair cut every six to eight weeks, second is to take care of your appearance and keep up with your colours.

You believe in

I believe in doing your best all the time, no matter what. Be respectful and also treat everyone like you wanted to be treated, especially the clients; everyone is equal.

You want to be remember for

To be remembered simply as a good person or experience.

Thoughts about Hair Dressing for Samoan 

I think in Samoa, there is a lot of room for upcoming hair stylists. The competition is good and I also recommend that they get training. We need to set higher standards for ourselves and our businesses 

Photographer: Jordan Kwan

Any other fun facts about you or your Peata’s Salon – LOGObusiness that you’d like to include?

We a have bar in the salon, we serve complimentary drinks with every service. It is mainly for woman who have that one spare hour with a lot kids, chores to come here and get their hair done whatever time to relax. We are very child friendly; yeah we take everyone. Our prices are very affordable as well.

You can follow the awesome Peata on

Facebook : Peata’s Salon (’sSalon)

IG: @peatassalon

or contact there through here:

Phone: (685) 8452694 or (685) 7282039 –


Peata 3


Front row (L-R)Shalom Ieremia, Peata Daizy Pula, Jacqui Poulos, Emiline Ioane Back row : A’aone Pula Keil Photographer: Le Moana Studio

2nd Sinnet Fashion Show 2017 is here.

SSFS is a collaborative effort of local designers, hair-dressers, make-up artists, models, photographers, as well as writers, bloggers numerous volunteers and all sponsors to promote Samoa fashion. The main objective for the show is to provide a platform where designers can showcase their art without the pressure of competition or high overhead costs involved in managing such events. 

Building on the success of the first weave of the Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show (SSFS) in 2016, Founder Ms Enid Westerlund and the SSFS Executive present the 2nd year of the Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show to be streamed live by Talamua Media partnering with TV3 from the Taumeasina Island Resort on Friday, 14 July 2017 from 7.30pm.  

This year, the Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show will showcase ten (10) collections by five (5) local designers and four (4) international designers. The theme “Royal Summer” represents their chosen charity which is highlighted by the colour purple. 

The proceeds from the sinnet platform for 2017 will go towards “Young Artists with disabilities” from the “Young Artists Foundation” which was established in 2016. SSFS aims to fund art supplies and tools needed by the young artists with disabilities.  

The 2017 Sinnet platform hopes to achieve the following objectives;

1. Provide equal opportunity for all designers, models, hair stylists, makeup artists, writers, bloggers and youth volunteers.

2. Donate to charities who continue to rely on the generosity of others to care for people.

3. Motivate and empower Samoa’s youth to pursue their dreams in exploring the creative arts and to realize that designing can be a lucrative career.

4. Inspire more designers to build confidence in their products and not be afraid to be innovative, bold and also launch their designs locally and internationally.

5. Empower young emerging artists through shared knowledge, mentoring and apprenticeships.

Tickets are as follows:

ROYAL SUMMER VIP Tickets $200 for the first two front row seats and access to the Pre-Show

TAUMEASINA TICKET $50 General Admission

Tickets are available from ENARA at Fugalei, or contact Enid Westerlund at Phone: Digicel (+685) 7726220 or email: or visit and Facebook (samoasinnetfashionshow) for more information.

Sinnet Fashion Show, a platform for talented photographers

I started this photography journey thinking that I will never be as good as the others but then down the road, I realised that I do not have to compare my work to anyone…

Nicholai Ioritana Amituana’i is a young Samoan making a mark in the world. Here is one talented young man, who will not say ‘no’ to a challenge, eager to learn and share his experiences through the lenses of his camera. He found his passion through photography and spends his spare time in China taking snapshots of people in their cultural environment. That’s not all there is to this spirited young man.


He is from the villages of Lalomanu, Sataoa and Vaitele Uta. We first met Nicholai through a simple Facebook message. Two things stood out from his introduction: He wanted to be a part of the team and he aimed to broaden his skills through volunteering his time and talent. He is currently studying marketing at Hebei Universtiy, China.

Unlike most university students who like to spend their time relaxing on the beach during mid-semester break, Nicholai packed his equipment with the mind set to work! Here is a budding photographer who jumped at the chance to take part in the first Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show 2016 (SSFS16).

With little experience in fashion photography, time and supervision, he took front stage with other young photographers. Whitelight Photography, his social media brand produced highly polished, beautiful crisp photos of every fashion collection on show. There is a cinematography appeal to his photography and warm, generous personality. Today it’s Samoa and China, tomorrow he might be a most sought after international photographer and trailblazers in the industry.

We catch up with him as he juggles, school, work and life.

When did you first pick up a camera?

My first time was when I could afford my first camera. Although it was my first time holding one I swear it felt like I have been familiar with the art many years before. My life was complete!

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a photographer for the past two years.

Inspiration behind your work:

I am inspired by the natural environment and surroundings as well as people. I am mainly a portrait photographer and love taking photos of people because I aspire to bring through emotions and stories with the human appearance. My biggest inspirations come from other photographers in Samoa that bring forth beautiful yet breathe taking stories through their images with the use of our natural island surroundings. High Fashion Editorial Photography is a big influence of what kind of photographer I want to be in the future.

Nicholai Amituana’i portraits

Colour that represents you

Black. I know it’s not a colour but I can’t change it, I have to go with Black.

Found out about SSFS through:

.. a photography page I am a member of. They were looking for photographers to participate in the show, so I got in contact with the founder, Enid Westerlund and confirmed a spot.

Lessons from being a photographer at the SSFS:

Being self-taught and especially an amateur photographer I saw Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show as an excellent platform for me. To challenge myself with the skills I have. My photography is mainly focused towards portraits and being involved with a fashion show was way beyond my wheelhouse. Unlike Portrait photography SSFS taught me how to be on my feet in an environment where everything is on the spot and under an immense amount of pressure.

From the beginning of the show until the last model walking off the runway, you had to be snapping away in order to get the images you needed. It had me prepared, not only equipment wise but also mentally since this was my first time shooting a fashion show. It all ended well and an experience I’m sure glad I did not miss out on.

Best part about being involved in a show like SSFS:

I got to experience another genre of photography that I never thought I would get myself into. After the SSFS, I can gladly say I would do it again and again because it’s a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of people and also work alongside some of the most talented photographers on island that I looked up to since I started.

Have you done photography work for a fashion show before? Tell us about your experience?

No, Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show was my first ever Fashion Show job.

Would you recommend SSFS to other aspiring photographers?

Advice to other photographers.

Yes of course. I started this photography journey thinking that I will never be as good as the others, but then down the road I realised that I do not have to compare my work to anyone. Just as long as I know within myself that this is my work and what I put out to the public is my imagination coming to life, in a still photo. That is the only thing I need to worry about. Today was Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show, tomorrow it may be

Fiji Fashion Week, and who knows, down the line New York.

To any aspiring photographer in Samoa who are passionate to get their work recognized, I highly recommend you take every opportunity to take the little dream you have and make it into something better than you thought. Samoa Sinnet is the kick start you need in order to gain experience and be amongst other aspiring artists that are on the same journey as you.

Have you received more photography jobs after you’ve photographed SSFS?

Yes I did. Once the SSFS organizers released the photos (from the show) on social media I received a lot of messages regarding photo shoots. It was a big thing for me because I haven’t been doing this for a long time and the exposure that SSFS set out for me was quite extraordinary. We are in the 21st century and social media is a big platform for any given business. With the help of SSFS, putting my brand out there in the public as well as my work, I think that’s where I get all the jobs from.



Photographer: Nicholai Amituana’i, Designer: Enara, Models: Tujumosairo. Faataga & Seloa Keil


Biggest challenge as a photographer

My biggest challenge right now is not having time to do as much photography work as I should. I am well on my third year of University in China, which is my first priority at the moment. For now I am only doing photography work when I go home for school holidays from July to September. Also while here in China, only occasionally I go out and take some photos when I have the time. Another challenge I have is with equipment, as every photographer struggles with the same thing, this profession is not cheap. Therefore we just have to work with the equipment that we have and saving towards that expensive lens that you’ve had your eye on for the past year.

Next step for you;

I will be finishing off school in a year’s time and my main goal is to further expose my business and brand with many projects I have in store. The main aim is to work towards securing a good customer base with the help of my Marketing degree. I can take the knowledge I have to help build my photography business to where I see it should be, in the next few years.

Also, I have always wanted to work as a High Fashion/Fashion Editorial Photographer, so that is the long term goal. In the near future I want to be producing flawless work and take all the ideas in my head and make a living out of it. Doing what I love which is


Any other fun facts about you that you’d like to include.

I am very good in Marketing, so if you’re hiring give me a call!.

You can follow Nicholai on social media:

Facebook: nicholai ioritana amituanai

Instagram: Whitelight Photography 

If you’d like to be a photographer for Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show on July 14th, 2017 Taumeasina Island Resort:

Contact SSFS on their Facebook page

“Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show” or by email


SSFS16 show, Designer: UIGA . Model: Seloa Keil


SSFS16 show, Designer: UIGA . Model: Alvis Meredit


SSFS16 show, Designer: UIGA . Model: Tyra Urhle

Samoa’s Top International Model, Sam Tautua teams up with Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show.

Come spend an evening with the celebrity and Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show Team, details below! This event is opened to the public as we invite all designers, makeup artists,  hair stylists, registered models and their families to hear great advice.

SSFS Exclusive: SSFS Model signed with NZ modeling agency, Red11.

Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show Model signs contract with NZ modelling agency, Red 11