Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show Website! What an exciting time for fashion in Samoa and around the Pacific.

SSFS is a collaborative effort of local designers , fashion houses, artists and businesses to promote Samoa fashion. The main objective for this show is to provide a platform where designers can showcase their art without the pressure of competition or high overhead costs involved in managing such events.


1. Provide equal opportunity for all designers, models, hair stylists, makeup artists and
youth volunteers.

2. Donate to charities who continue to rely on the generosity of others to care for people.

3. Motivate and empower Samoa’s youth to pursue their dreams in exploring the creative
arts and to realize that designing can be a lucrative career.

4. Inspire more designers to build confidence in their products and not be afraid to be
innovative, bold and also launch their designs locally and internationally.

5. Empower young emerging artists through shared knowledge, mentoring and